Where to book an appointment for a bespoke engagement ring in London?

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Where to book an appointment for a bespoke engagement ring in London?

By choosing Alexander Davis, the best place in London to create your engagement ring, you will be able to work closely with professional artists and designers to turn your dreams into a reality. We will discuss your options in detail and happily answer any of your questions or concerns you might have.

As bespoke jewellery experts, we’ll guide you in selecting the right design and centre stone that suits your requirements but remain within your budget. Once you are are happy with the design, Alexander Davis will create a bespoke engagement ring for you.

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Contact our team to discuss your requirements and get a free no-obligation quote. We understand that purchasing a bespoke engagement ring is a massive decision and we can help to guide you through the whole process from start to finish. Alexander Davis can help you source the bespoke engagement ring of your dreams.

All we need to proceed are any ideas or inspirations that you already have and our expert designers will take it from there.


Being able to design your engagement ring allows you to capture your unique personality and style. It is a complete once in a lifetime experience.

Our expert team composed of highly skilled jewellers will help you each step of the way, taking care to make it a stress-free and enjoyable process.

Our team will work with you closely to develop and make your bespoke engagement ring, going through a process of iteration until the final design is completed. We will provide you with design drawings and renders so you know exactly what you are going to receive.

Once you give us the green light, your engagement ring will be produced by our in-house master jewellers. The timeframe for bespoke custom creations can vary from six to eight weeks, depending on the complexity of the ring design.


Once our expert jewellers in our London workshop at alexanderdavisjewellery.com have completed your bespoke engagement ring, we will contact you for an appointment to collect the ring from our London showroom. If you prefer, we also provide free delivery through Royal Mail Special Delivery with tracking and insurance included. The rings come in a stunning ring box ready for the you “to pop the question”.

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Why bespoke engagement rings are is so popular choice?

With so many mass-produced rings on the market, there is nothing more special than presenting somebody with an engagement ring that cannot be found or seen on anyone else. Bespoke rings are much more meaningful than readymade engagement rings because they provide you with the opportunity to make them extremely personal.

Selecting materials and building your engagement ring from the beginning provides you with the chance to say more and put extra thought into one of the biggest occasions of your life – asking your significant other to spend their whole life with you!

There’re several reasons why more people are choosing a bespoke engagement ring in London instead of one that is ready-made, and most of the reasons can be traced back to the symbolic and sentimental worth that uniqueness represents.

Here’re some of the most common reasons why having a bespoke engagement ring made in London is the ideal choice.

You will know where the components come from 

A ring is made of luxury metals and gemstones. Knowing that every natural stone was mined ethically, and being able to pick stones that are certified is one of the benefits of being a part of and having a say in your bespoke ring.

Nothing detracts from the significance of an engagement ring more than finding out that the metal or gemstones were acquired unethically or at the expense of other people.

Unique and bespoke engagement rings are romantic 

No two relationships are the same, so we do not see why any two engagement rings should be. There's no better way to highlight the uniqueness of your relationship other than with a bespoke engagement ring.

It describes your recognition of the individuality of the person you love as well as the unique nature of the bond you share.

There’s nothing more romantic or refreshing than that. Having the chance to pick each element of the ring, from the mount or setting to the gemstone, also means that you can tailor it perfectly, creating a unique piece of jewellery that is right for your partner.

Turn inherited jewellery into a bespoke engagement ring 

An inherited jewel often holds sentimental value with its owner, but it mightn’t feel, look or fit quite right. Remodelling an older piece of jewellery to change its features and design, however substantially or subtly, allows you to pick and preserve the parts you value most about it while adjusting it to better suit its new purpose.

If this sounds daunting, there is nothing to be concerned about. Making bespoke diamond engagement rings is what we do.

Alexander Davis has a team of experts who will help you through the procedure and ensure that the bespoke engagement ring you present to your life partner is exactly what they always wanted. If you have any questions, contact our team for further information.


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How to pick a bespoke engagement ring in London?

The designing of a custom engagement ring or bespoke engagement ring can get you thinking about the number of combinations of sizes, shapes, colours, and types of gemstones and diamonds available.

This is where our handy guide to picking a bespoke engagement ring comes in. Simply follow the steps below to make sure your experience of buying a bespoke engagement ring in London is easy and smooth.

Mood boarding 

When starting to think about a custom engagement ring it is good to start thinking about any design inspirations you might have. One of the ways to do this is to make a PINTEREST mood board to assist you to collate the ideas or use the save function on INSTAGRAM to make a folder of inspiration pictures.

You do not need to have the right design pinned down before you come to us, but showing us any mood boards you may already have helps us get the design process going.


As one of the top bespoke jewellers in London, we can cater to the all budgets, but it is vital to have a clear idea of how much you want to spend. With a clear budget in mind, you’ll be able to funnel down decisions about the style of ring and size of gemstones and diamonds involved.


The style of a custom engagement ring will be influenced by who you are as a couple and play to your influences and tastes. It is crucial to take into consideration your partner’s lifestyle to assist you to shape what type of bespoke engagement ring to get for them.

  • Metal colour –Do some research on whether your partner wears yellow gold, rose gold or white gold, platinum, or a mixture! For instance, if they predominantly wear yellow gold jewellery, this is probably the correct choice of metal for their bespoke engagement ring too. At Alexander Davis, we use a variety of precious metals to create bespoke engagement rings according to design and budget.
  • Gemstone – A bespoke engagement ring doesn’t necessarily have to have a diamond in the centre. We are experts on coloured gemstones and can help you select the perfect sapphire, ruby emerald, aquamarine or tourmaline for your bespoke engagement ring.  Or if you would prefer a diamond, then it doesn’t necessarily have to be a white one.  We can also source yellow or pink diamonds, or beautiful ‘”salt and pepper” diamonds.
  • Style of gem setting –if your partner has an extremely active lifestyle, it might be preferable to pick a rub-over gem setting style. This kind of setting pushes metal a little over and around the gemstone or diamond, so its edges are fully covered. This assists to keep the stone safe from knocks in each day life.  Other jewels feature classic claw settings, which minimizes the amount of metal showing and lets the gems sparkle to the maximum.
  • Overall design style – Does your partner have classic tastes or do they prefer the latest design trends? Some might prefer a cluster ring or timeless solitaire, whilst others might be drawn in by unique modernist geometric shapes.


The process of creating a bespoke engagement ring starts with initial discussions and formulation of conceptual design drawings and selecting gemstones and diamonds, before moving on to the crafting of your rings in our workshops.

Our atelier takes time and care over each stage of the construction process making sure the final product is nothing less than perfect. We ask that you leave a minimum of six to eight weeks from the moment the design is signed off for a custom engagement ring to be created. Please note that more complicated ring designs and rare gemstones will take a bit longer to create or source.


Generally, an engagement ring has a central feature stone that the rings are made and built around. Premium gemstones and diamonds are available in many sizes and shapes, therefore there’s many possible combinations of centre stones to pick from.  

Try to do a bit of detective work by getting your partner’s close friends and family to ask some undercover questions about what their preferences might be.

Ring Size

  • For clients buying an engagement ring for themselves, we’ll be able to take a precise measurement at a workshop during your visit.
  • For those buying for someone else, some will know their partner’s ring size off by heart, but for others some detective work has to be done to discover it. Ring sizes in the UK range from A-Z- (with half sizes between each full size). We need an idea of the ring size before we can start creating a custom engagement ring.
  • If the engagement ring is a surprise and the ring size is not known, we ideally recommend finding and bringing a ring that’s worn by your partner on the right-hand 3rd finger or left-hand mid finger for us to measure at your first appointment.
  • Use your partner’s friends to investigate on a covert shopping trip.
  • If you have no way of finding out the correct ring size, don’t worry – most of our bespoke engagement rings and be resized, and if we have to guess the initial size and it is wrong we will do this for free.

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Why choose Alexander Davis to create your bespoke engagement ring in London?

We know an engagement ring is special for everyone and we want to create something meaningful for you.

Our expert designers will guide you on each step of the process and provide you with images to help you realise your dream ring.

If a bespoke engagement ring is something that you’re interested in take a look at it in more detail here or contact us for further information.


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